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Auto-flowering cannabis seeds will flower on their own between 2-4 weeks, hence the name auto-flowering. Usually, for marijuana seeds to flower, the regular feminized Sativa and Indica species are exposed to 12 hours of direct light, after harvest. They’re not able to successfully bloom outdoors because daylight can be sparse during the harvest season.

The auto-flowering species are a crossbreed of either Sativa or Indica with Ruderalis, a specific type of cannabis plant that contains far less THC, in comparison to Sativa or Indica. Ruderalis is only able to grow in places with ample amounts of daylight, ranging from 22-24 per day. The Ruderalis cannabis plant mainly originates from Northern Europe but can be found in Russia, China and Mongolia.

By crossbreeding Rudaralis with either Indica or Sativa, the desired result of a fast-blooming cannabis variety with excellent THC production is created.

The advantages of our auto-flowering plants:

  • Smaller plants that attract less attention (12cm-24cm)
  • The smell is less noticeable in comparison to normal species
  • They flower automatically between 2-4 weeks
  • The period between planting and harvest averages around 10 weeks


Feminized cannabis seeds are purposely designed to only produce female plants. Making them the most popular seeds out of the group because they provide the highest yielding crops.

Cannabis seeds can develop into a male or female plant and the entire process is predetermined by the X or Y chromosomes. The process of “feminization” conditions the female plants to obtain the male pollen that’s needed for seed production. Ninety-nine percent of the time, a plant with two X chromosomes will be female. Regular cannabis seeds are an XY set of chromosomes and often produce more male than female plants.

To produce a healthy, potent strain, the male cannabis plants must be removed to stop them from fertilizing the female plants. If a female plant is fertilized, it diverts its resources to producing seeds, as opposed to continuing the production of flowers. The key benefit of producing female only cannabis plants is that they provide stronger strains of cannabis, by eradicating the threat of the male plant.

Feminized seeds were traditionally created by inducing stress on a female cannabis plant until it became a hermaphrodite, which caused self-pollenation or pollination to the surrounding female plants. The end result produced feminized seeds because they were grown from all-female plants. The major drawback to this process meant that plants created from these seeds were at risk of becoming hermaphrodites.

Creating feminized seeds is far easier and safer nowadays, by either spraying colloidal silver solution on the female cannabis plants, during the early flowering stages or a process called rodelization.

Medical Cannabis Seeds

The medicinal uses of cannabis can be traced back 5000 years ago. A Chinese botanist prescribed marijuana as a cure for constipation, malaria, rheumatic pains and several other ailments. In this day and age, the benefits of medical cannabis are at the forefront of society and can be purchased with a prescription.

Medical cannabis seeds produce plants that contain high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the psychoactive ingredient or “cannabinoid” that creates the high, whereas CBD provides a distinct balance between the two.

Cannabis plants that contain high levels of CBD provide a vast number of psychological and physiological benefits for the human body.

Benefits such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Works as a natural anti-depressant and has the ability to reduce anxiety
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Acts as a muscle relaxant
  • Helps with migraines
  • Can reduce contractions in the small intestine

CBD isn’t a one-stop cure for all ailments, diseases and issues within the body, however, it does provide a whole host of benefits that are too long a list to ignore.