Growing Marijuana

How to Grow Cannabis

How to Grow Cannabis – Hydroponics Beginners Guide
Before you learn how to grow cannabis in Canada you should obtain the necessary medicinal cannabis cultivation and production licences and permits from the Office of Drug Control. After that you should be all set to buy cannabis seeds in Canada.

When deciding to grow marijuana some people suggest it’s best to consult the internet. Personally I am very fond of the book – ‘Marijuana Grow Bible”. It covers everything in good detail and is FREE to download on this page. A reputable Canadian Seed Bank should be able to hook you up with some quality seed genetics before you get started.

The method I describe here is simple and effective, and provides a large yield all at once.

If you want continuous production methods buy the book mentioned above. Apart from that, and without financial considerations, I will try to list what I consider some great ideas on how to grow cannabis.

Choose Your Light
To get started you are going to need some lighting. Either Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting will work for all stages of the grow cycle.

MH is better for vegetative growth and HPS for the flowering stage, but let’s put that aside. Buy a 600 watt MH or HPS. Always keep you light 6 inches to 12 inches above the top of you plants.

Setup the Grow Environment
Next make 4 rectangular containers, each a little less than 2.5 feet wide and 4 feet long, and 18″ deep. Put them on wheels and give them drainage holes.

You will get a much higher yield in the same space if you grow 20 to 40 plants in 4 containers rather than in individual containers. In rectangular rooms use rectangular containers so as to maximise your space.

Make sure the walls and if possible floor are highly reflective. I recommend white paint instead of mylar because it is cheaper, easier and almost as reflective.

Before you put any of the containers or soil in, clean the walls, floor and ceiling with a bleach and water solution to disinfect any mold or other potentially hazardous pests.

Next, fill the bottom of your containers with rocks or clay pellets and make sure they are clean to allow drainage. Then fill your containers all the way to the top with potting soil (mix in some ‘diatomaceous earth’ for preventative pest control and trace minerals.

Growing Cannabis
I like to add a thin layer of perlite to the top of the soil after my plants are in because it is reflective (although can be dusty).

Buy a light timer, a thermometer and a fan and you are ready to grow.

You don’t need to mess with fertiliser (stay organic if possible) except something with high phosphorous (like 10-60-10) for when you are budding. Go easy on the water and fertiliser your first time out, better to be a little light than a little heavy (organic also reduces the risk of fertiliser burn).

You should certainly be able to pick up the rest from there. That’s pretty much all you need to know when getting started on how to grow cannabis. Make sure you choose good cannabis genetics like Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds or even White Widow Seeds, it will make a big difference to the quality of the end product.

Cannabis Seed Storage


Cannabis Seed Storage and Germination Guide
Cannabis seed storage should be in the best environment possible to ensure seed viability and a 100% cannabis seed germination success rate.

To prevent drying out completely, cannabis seeds enter a dormant stage allowing them to remain in a preserved state for long term storage without any immediate risk of instability.

To help you get the most out of your marijuana seeds, I have compiled a list on how to store cannabis seeds correctly for the best germination rates.

Check Your Air Humidity
Cannabis seed storage should be in a cool and dry place.

This is probably the number one lesson on how to store cannabis seeds because they can be damaged by rapid temperature fluctuations and air humidity.

The best advice for preserving your seeds is to place them in an airtight container and to keep them in the dark. If the cannabis seeds are damp or wet or encounter humidity, they will begin to germinate and can cause rot and mold.

To preserve your cannabis seeds for a longer period, make sure the air humidity never exceeds 9%.

Watch the Temperature
Light and temperature can degrade the viability of your seeds.

Keeping them over electrical appliances will transfer heat to the seeds, which encourages germination, growing molds and fungus. So, it’s best to keep them somewhere dark and cool.

The best method for cannabis seed storage is in the fridge. Don’t take them out often when kept in a refrigerator to avoid temperature fluctuations that will damage them. The door of a fridge is the ideal temperature (5 – 6 degrees centigrade).

When you decide to use the seeds, we recommend you learn how to grow cannabis by reading our tutorial. We also recommended to first acclimatise the seeds outside the fridge, while they are still in their package, so they can easily reach room temperature.

Keep Away From Light
Darkness encourages seeds to remain dormant. Long exposure to light may damage and degrade the health of the seeds.

Light, like humidity, is one of the factors that trigger seed germination. To maintain optimal sprouting powers and long term seed viability, reduce exposing your seeds to direct light.

Germination Success – Don’t Crush Your Seeds
The shell of the cannabis seed is a natural shield against outside elements. This one is obvious, but make sure the shell remains intact.

Label Your Seeds
All cannabis seeds tend to look very similar, so, it’s important that you label the seeds packaging. I recommend to stick a small label on the cannabis seed container and jot down with a pencil the name of the strain in each container.

Keep Pests Away
Paper bags or plastic baggies are fine for storing seeds for a day or so. For preserving the seeds for a longer duration, the best storage containers are glass mason jars.

Marijuana seeds if not stored in glass or metal can provide an absolute feast for mice and other small vermin. Don’t pack your cannabis seeds in toxic food storage containers. Some exotic cannabis varieties like Blueberry marijuana seeds can lose their fragrance, if not stored properly.

Buy From Top Seed Breeders
Make sure you buy cannabis seeds from the best Online Seed Bank in Canada 2018.

Seeds should arrive in the original packaging and be clean and solid. The above pointers will help you to grow and store cannabis seeds at your home.

As cannabis is becoming increasingly popular among the community due to its medicinal benefits, it is also important to become aware of how to store cannabis seeds.