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Sourcing seeds can be a tricky business. After all, you don’t really know what you’ve bought until weeks — or months — after your purchase.

We understand that every seed supplier is made on the strength of their reputation. That’s why we pride ourselves on being Canada’s fastest growing online cannabis seed supplier. Our customers have come to rely on us for reliable, premium cannabis seeds at unbeatable prices.

With a dedicated team of marijuana experts, we carefully select the world’s finest strains.

Not only will our seeds produce some of the most exquisite plants anywhere in the world, they are also exceptional in their reliability, improving your yield with modern growing techniques such as autoflowering and feminized seeds.

Offering our Canadian customers direct access to the highest quality seeds, we remove the hassle and risk of shipping from locations overseas.

We offer extreme convenience, quick shipping, and top notch brands. We’re so confident in our seeds that we guarantee delivery — and satisfaction.

Canadian Seed Bank Reviews

Jeremy, 11th January 2018

Most impressed with the quality of these seeds and the quick, painless process of placing an order. This will be my go-to source of seeds from now on. Thank you so much for bringing this invaluable service to Canada!

Laurie, 8th April 2019

Superb! Got in today and I can’t wait to see the magic happen from these. Some of the finest looking seeds I’ve ever come across.

Anonymous, 8th August 2018

Very quick shipping and discreet packaging. Nothing was loose or rattling. Exactly as described and looking quite healthy.

Kyle, 30th January 2019

Exceptional customer service! Not to mention the seeds: beautiful, thick specimens just waiting to come to life! I will definitely be coming back.

Cannabis Strains

The effects of cannabis vary widely from strain to strain. In our expansive catalog of seeds, you will find strains suited for a variety of purposes.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and relaxing, or something with the potent medicinal power to fight pain, or perhaps you need something that reduces anxiety without impeding your concentration — there is a strain for everyone!

Don’t hesitate to explore our catalog and give every strain a bit of time and thought. Need some advice finding the perfect strain for you? Feel free to consult our helpful experts with any questions. We’re happy to assist!

Seed Genetics

We carefully select our seeds from an extensive selection of the world’s best breeders. In addition to a healthy stock of the world’s most well known strains, we also offer a few exotic and eclectic varieties for those looking to expand their smoking horizons.

Providing you with high quality seeds starts with the process of breeding and caring for the plants. We strive to keep our connection to every step of the process alive and well, priding ourselves on doing our part to spread the wonderful diversity of genetics available in today’s cannabis seeds.

This means exploring the genetics that unlock all of the potential of cannabis, including its many impressive medicinal properties.


Autoflowering Seeds and Feminized Seeds

  • Regular: These are normal cannabis seeds which do not behave in any special manner. They can produce either male or female plants and respond to changes in light cycle, as cannabis plants would in the wild.
  • Feminized: Feminized seeds have been specially prepared to only produce female plants. These are desirable for increasing cannabis yield.
  • Autoflowering: Autoflowering seeds produce plants which do not need a variation in their light cycle to enter the flowering phase. They will switch to flowering at a point in their growth cycle without outside influence.

Canadian Laws in 2019

As of this writing in 2019, Canadians may grow cannabis only if they are the legal holders of a medical cannabis licence. Licences have also been awarded to research institutions.